Tucker Carlson Trashes RBG Over ‘Pathetic’ Final Wish (Video)

“Did she really leave this world fretting about a presidential election?” Tucker said, mocking the late Supreme Court justice

Tucker Carlson once again complained about the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s final wish on Monday, saying it’s “insulting” to having an issue with letting a historically unpopular president choose RBG’s replacement right before a new presidential election.

Tucker started out his Monday Fox News show complaining about any Democrat who had talked about RBG’s wish. Per Clara Spera, her granddaughter — as reported by NPR — Ginsburg said days before she died: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

“Consider for a moment the reasoning here, the argument that they’re making. Nothing is more important than our Constitution — that Constitution is in grave jeopardy. That’s why we must substitute an 87-year-old woman’s final wish for the constitutionally prescribed process for filling a supreme court seat,” Carlson ranted dryly.

“That’s what they’re arguing. Got that? Pretty amusing. Keep in mind we don’t really know actually what Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s final words were. Did she really leave this world fretting about a presidential election? We don’t believe that for a second. If it were true, it would be pathetic.”

Tucker, who regularly pushes the idea that the existence of civilization is at stake in the 2020 presidential election, continued on like that.

“Life is bigger than politics, even this year. We wouldn’t wish final words that small on anyone, so we’re gonna, again, choose to believe that Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t really say that,” Tucker went on. “That in real life, she was thinking at the end about her family and where she might be going next. Human concerns not partisan ones.”

Tucker tried to use Scalia as an example of conservatives having the high ground. As you may recall, Justice Scalia died early in 2016 — and the Republicans held that seat open all year until it was filled by Donald Trump. But Tucker avoided mentioning all that when trying to use Scalia’s death as a talking point.

“In practical terms it’s irrelevant what she said. Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t get to pick her replacement from her deathbed. That’s not how it works. We have a Constitution we’re supposed to be defending, remember, and that’s the whole point of the Constitution. If Justice Scalia had said something like that, nobody would have cared. We would have been embarrassed for him. Thankfully, he didn’t say that,” Tucker said.

“On some level Democrats know all this. All this talk about Ginsburg’s dying wish is ridiculous and insulting to all of us and our country. And they’ll stop soon. Democrats have an alternative argument at the ready and it’s one they’ve been honing all year. It goes like this: do what we want or we will hurt you. That’s the real argument they’re making.”

You can watch the quoted portion of Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded in this article below.


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