Tucker Carlson Wonders When the Government Will Finally Tell Us About the Aliens (Video)

While discussing the discovery of the potential for life on Venus, Tucker expressed concern about bringing “alien microbes” back to Earth

Tucker Carlson actually went mostly apolitical for about three-and-a-half minutes Monday night on his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Near the end of the episode, he took a couple moments to talks about the day’s news about the possibility of life on Venus.

“So I realize this is not about politics or COVID-19, but it’s still worth knowing about. And it’s been undercovered. Scientists have discovered phosphine gas in the clouds above Venus. The planet,” Tucker said as the segment began.

“They say that’s significant because microbes on earth produce that gas. This suggests that alien life is somehow surviving in the atmosphere of Venus, even though the planet’s surface appears from here to be a wasteland.”

You can read more about that situation over at Reuters for a pretty solid summation, or you can keep reading this article for thoughts about this from Tucker Carlson and his pal Nick Pope, who Tucker likes to bring on occasionally to talk about aliens.

“So why is this a significant story? What does this suggest?” Tucker asked Pope.

“This is amazing news and I think people will look back at today and say maybe this is when we found out that we’re not alone,” Pope said.

“And the implications are vast, because life has arisen apparently not once, but twice in our solar system. And if that’s the case, life isn’t some sort of cosmic miracle or accident. It should be commonplace in the universe.”

Pope then said he wanted Donald Trump to get NASA involved.

“I would like to see the President talking to NASA and saying let’s do a flagship mission to Venus. Let’s go and investigate, and maybe even very carefully take some samples from the atmosphere and bring it back,” Pope said.

“I mean, look if there’s alien life there, let’s study it. Like to say, very carefully.”

Tucker was a bit uneasy about that prospect.

“Yeah. I mean, I would say as an instinctive defender of the status quo, that gives me some pause. I mean, we couldn’t contain — the Chinese couldn’t contain — the coronavirus,” Carlson said.

“We really want alien microbes banging around earth? Would that make you nervous?”

“Yeah, I guess the Venus Flu would be something to be very worried about. So it would take careful planning,” Pope replied. “But I mean, yeah, this is a great day for science and, yeah, the implications for the UFO phenomenon too.

“It’s interesting that this news hit just really days off to the news about Commander David Fraver talking about the tic-tac incident again and saying that the radar jamming that occurred there was, as he put it, an ‘act of war’. I think these stories are connected and people are interested in this.”

Tucker then steered the conversation away from that thread.

“I have to ask you, I ask this every time you come on, how long do you think the US government can continue to keep up the pose and the veil of secrecy? How long before we can just know what our leaders know?,” Tucker asked.

Pope replied: “Well I get the impression we’re building up to something. Hopefully not long now. I would love to see a question about this, by the way, today’s discovery and UFOs, I’d love to see a question at one of the presidential debates. And let’s face it, aliens would be the ultimate October surprise.”

Tucker then closed the segment by musing about how important this topic of aliens is.

“It’s just so funny that the topics our leaders dismiss as conspiracy theories or off the grid or not allowed, are very often the most important things. Maybe that’s why they’re trying to discourage any conversation about them. Nick Pope. I hope that comes soon, and I hope you’ll break that news here when it does.”

You can watch this bit from Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded in this article.


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