Nielsen on the Hot Seat: What Happens If TV Ratings Company’s Accreditation Is Suspended?

TheWrap asked Video Advertising Bureau President Sean Cunningham, the guy leading the call for suspension, exactly that

Nielsen was put on notice Wednesday when the Video Advertising Bureau — the industry group representing virtually all of the major TV networks — asked the Media Ratings Council (MRC) to suspend the TV ratings company’s accreditation. But what would that even mean, let alone change in the networks’ long-running conflict with the ratings data company?

To the networks that VAB CEO Sean Cunningham represents, a suspension of MRC accreditation would acknowledge the “flaws and caveats” in Nielsen’s data, he told TheWrap. Nielsen ratings have for decades been used as either the sole or primary currency in negotiating prices for advertising on television.

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Tony Maglio

TV Editor • • Twitter: @tonymaglio