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TV Reporter’s Purse Stolen During Live Shot on Robbery (Video)

The crime unfolded in front of an Oakland police station

Local news reporter Heather Holmes became a crime victim, while reporting on a crime.

It all unfolded on Monday night in Oakland as Holmes did a live report on a woman who had been robbed and beaten. While she and her photographer were doing their story, someone tiptoed up to their live truck and swiped Holmes’ purse. To add insult to robbery, she was standing in front of a police station when it happened. Once the shock wore off, the KTVU reporter tweeted about the crime.


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the KTVU van wasn’t locked because Holmes and her photographer were standing just steps away. Within 20 minutes of the bag heist, thieves used her credit card to stock up at a nearby gas station.

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During her report, Holmes made sure to stress that thieves in the area were becoming more brazen. Sadly this proved to be all too accurate.