Some ‘Twilight’ Stars Definitely Want a ‘Midnight Sun’ Movie

“Emmett has so many more funny lines in that one,” Kellan Lutz says

“Twilight: Part 6”? For at least two of the original “Twilight” cast, that’s an idea they’d welcome with open arms.

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone — who played Alice, Emmett and Jasper Cullen, respectively, in the vampire-themed franchise — appeared at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (also known as C2E2) in 2021 marking one of the first times the actors have been reunited in recent memory.

During the discussion, Lutz noted that even though it’s been years since “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” he’d love doing a film based on Stephanie Meyer’s “Midnight Sun.”

“I mean, I love that one,” Lutz said. “I so wish we could make a movie with that. Emmett has so many more funny lines in that one. It’s awesome.”

Rathbone stayed mostly silent on the idea, but Greene readily chimed in, asking Lutz if she could join him on the film if it came to fruition.

Later in the conversation, a fan asked the actors if their favorite “Twilight” book ended up being their favorite of the films, and Lutz returned to “Midnight Sun” once again. He noted that originally, “Breaking Dawn” was his favorite of the series, but now that he’s read Meyer’s latest installment in the saga — which retells the events of the original “Twilight” from Edward Cullen’s (played on-screen by Robert Pattinson) point of view — he thinks that it would be his favorite to take to the screen.

So, should the decision to adapt one more “Twilight” novel ever be greenlit, at least Alice and Emmett are ready to go.

Rathbone did joke during the panel that he’s struggled to book family-friendly films since his “Twilight” days, as everyone assumes for some reason that he’s really “creepy Jasper.”