Twitter Says Your Fingers Will Need Jazzercize in Launch Ad for Blue Premium

Features for the new subscription service include an Undo Tweet, Ad-Free Articles and more

Twitter Blue

Twitter launched the first of its promotional campaigns for Twitter Blue, a new subscription service which is now available in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia on IOS, Android and Web.

The social media site tweeted a Jazzercise-themed ad video that encourages building your finger strength for better tweeting. “It’s time to flex those Twitter fingers and take it to the next level,” the tweet reads.

“You need to sign up for Twitter Blue so that you can Twitter faster, stronger, harder, smarter uh and also stronger,” the voiceover says as the video gives a close-up on user @MegStelter.

“It’s exercise, but it’s also staring at your phone, which is what I like to do,” Stelter stammers.

The video also includes users @Bomanizer, @Boxctop, and @danadonnelly.

“RIP Twitter? More like let’s get Ripped, Twitter,” the video continues with its health fitness theme. “Give those sad noodles you call fingers the upgrade they deserve with Twitter Blue.”

Options offered by Twitter Blue include the Undo Tweet function, which gives users 60 seconds to preview and make changes to their tweet before it goes live or public. The Ad-Free Article feature claims to “support journalism while getting an ad-free reading experience on some US-based publishers’ websites.”

Further instructions for the Ad-Free Articles include “Look for the “Ad-free with Twitter Blue” label in your timeline. Paywall access not included.” There will even be a Reader function that “turns those long Threads into a more beautiful reading experience.”

Twitter Blue will also have Bookmark Folders, Pinned Conversations, Longer Video Uploads and Custom Navigation features.

The Thread advertising the service in a rollout fashion also offers early access to certain features that Twitter is currently testing with Labs.

To sign up for the subscription, which costs $2.99 per month, users can find the option “Twitter Blue” when they click their profile icon to access the main menu. The “Twitter Blue” button has Twitter’s bluebird icon next to it.