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‘Sense8’ Fans Ecstatic Over Resurrection: ‘We Are Going to Have the End We Deserve!’

Once again, Netflix original series trends Twitter — but this time it’s good news

Once again, the Netflix original series, “Sense8,” is trending on Twitter. But this time, it’s over good news.

Fans were crestfallen when the streaming service “unceremoniously” cancelled the LGBT-friendly show on a huge cliffhanger — and on the first day of Pride Month. Now, they have reason to celebrate, because “Sense8” will return to Netflix in 2018 as a special 2-hour series finale.

The show’s official Twitter account relayed the announcement on Thursday, and overjoyed fans quickly broke out the happy-crying GIFs.




Not even the cast could hold back their excitement.

Even celebrities are riding the wave of euphoria. Here’s what Tegan and Sara had to say.