Tyler Perry Spent Writers’ Strike Following Beyoncé: ‘She Didn’t Know It, But I Was on Tour With Her’ | Video

The filmmaker also says another “Madea” film is possible “if the world keeps going crazy”

Tyler Perry filled his time not working during the writers’ strike by going to concerts — specifically Beyoncé concerts. A lot of them.

The producer and creator told Jimmy Fallon all about his musical itinerary following the “Break My Soul” singer, in addition to others.

“Unfortunately during the strike, I had a lot of time on my hands — ooh, I had a lot of time on my hands. So I went on tour with Beyoncé,” Perry said to cheers from the crowd, before he hit his punchline: “She didn’t know it. But I was on tour with her at all these different stops.”

Perry admitted that he played her “Renaissance” so much that he finally had to take a break from the album.

“She’s amazing man, but I played that ‘Renaissance’ album so much, I had to put Beyoncé on mute,” he continued, referencing a popular line in the singer’s “Energy.” “I was like, ‘I can’t listen another…’ I needed a break, because if you wake up in the morning saying all the songs early in the morning, all day long…”

But he’s hyped for her new work, adding, “and then she comes out with some other great stuff a couple of days ago.”

The “Madea” filmmaker referred to the “Halo” singer’s “Renaissance Act II” announcement, which took place after a Verizon ad featuring her aired during Super Bowl LVIII. She launched two songs from her next album, which will lean harder into the country genre — the songs are titled “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” The full album arrives March 29.

“I went to see Chris [Stapleton], which, he’s amazing. Diana Ross, Janet Jackson. I went to all the concerts, I was on tour with everybody,” Perry said. “They didn’t know it.”

Fallon asked Perry if another Madea movie was possible, and Perry addressed the question after jokingly asking why they always have to talk about “that broad.”

“If the world keeps going crazy? Yes,” he said.


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