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Tyler Posey Teases ‘Teen Wolf’ Midseason Premiere: ‘No One Is Really Friends’ (Exclusive Video)

”His whole pack has been kind of decimated,“ actor tells TheWrap’s ”Drinking With the Stars“

“Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey has been playing Scott McCall on the show for the better part of five years now, and in that time he’s had the opportunity to shape and grow with the character.

“I love seeing where I can take him each season. Because I feel like it’s up to me,” the actor tells TheWrap in the latest episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

“The writers do a lot of writing, and they like to develop our characters, but there’s so many people they have to cater to … We kind of have to take it upon ourselves to make those arcs happen.”

And when the show returns for midseason premiere on Tuesday, his character will have to claw his way back up from his lowest point yet.

“It was the darkest my character has ever been, which I really loved playing,” Posey said of Season 5’s fall finale, which sees Scott killed and brought back to life. “When we pick up in the new season, his whole pack has been kind of decimated. No one is really friends or talking to each other right now, so his major priority is getting the pack back.”

That will be especially important when the series picks back up because they’ll have to face a new nemesis that the show has been teasing for months: The Beast.

“Every season we try to play with new mythology … it was a very cute, little show to begin with and then we started doing all these crazy mythologies, and each season we like to do a new one,” Posey explained.

“Teen Wolf” returns for the Season 5 midseason premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. on MTV.