TLC’s ‘Unexpected’: Pregnant Teen Lilly Reacts to Stepdad Wanting to Break Her Boyfriend’s Legs (Exclusive Video)

Unscripted series about teenage moms debuts Sunday

A bundle of joy almost led to a pair of crutches, as seen in the series premiere of TLC‘s unscripted series “Unexpected.”

The six-episode show focuses on teenage mothers, all of whom are themselves daughters of teen moms. In an exclusive sneak peek at this Sunday’s debut, Lilly realizes that her stepdad, Glenn, did not react well upon learning that the 17-year-old was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, James, also 17.

“I like James — at first, I didn’t,” Glenn tells the camera. “For the obvious reason, I wanted to break his legs.”

When Lilly asks why he wasn’t initially fond of James, Glenn replies, “Because he got you pregnant, that’s why.” In response to Lilly then saying that Glenn liked James before the pregnancy news, her stepdad fires back with, “That was what, a week?”

Check out the clip above to see James’ reaction to Lilly admitting that she “kind of stalked him a little bit” before they started dating.

“Unexpected” premieres Sunday, Nov. 12, at 10/9c on TLC