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Univision’s Upcoming Slate Boasts 7 New Dramas and 4 Telenovelas

There are also four documentaries and digital-only series on the slate

Univision Networks released its 2014-2015 TV slate on Thursday ahead of next week’s upfronts presentation, promising plenty more Spanish-language drama.

Univision’s lineup includes four new telenovelas, a reality show and four documentaries. Univision is also bringing four movies to its TV audience, including “Instructions Not Included.”

Little brother network UniMas announced five dramatic series of its own and Galavision has two. Meanwhile, Univision Deportes has a pair of soccer specials. There are also four digital-only shows coming next season.

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“Univision is the one company that can offer advertisers the transmedia solutions to engage deeply with Hispanic consumers and build the lasting relationships that will move the needle for their brands,” Randy Falco, president and chief executive officer of Univision Communications Inc., said in a statement. “We are Hispanic America’s most trusted media source and are everywhere our audience is — a powerful formula that gives us the ability to help marketers tap into our audience’s passion points and enormous purchasing power like no one else.”

Here is the upcoming slate as described by the network:


“La Gata” – This telenovela follows the story of Esmeralda, a young woman who lives in the poor neighborhood of La Barranca, a place where many, like her, live in abject poverty without the protection and love of a family; a place where she is exploited by the person raising her and has little to look forward to in life. But there is hope.  Esmeralda becomes friends with a young man from a good family and, with time, they fall in love – a love that has to remain hidden from the young man’s family, a love that is threatened to be destroyed by lies and deception.

This telenovela features Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas, and is produced by Nathalie Lartilleux. (Monday – Friday, Primetime,Televisa) – June 2014

“La Malquerida” (The Bad Mistress) – This is the story of Acacia, a young girl whose father is killed in a terrible accident. The loss of her father is further complicated when her mother, Maria, discovers their “hacienda” (family estate) is in debt. Esteban, a handsome and capable employee, asks Maria to accept his help in saving the estate. Esteban and Maria’s working relationship becomes one of mutual love.  All seems well, except for one thing: Acacia cannot accept her mother’s new love, and as she develops into a beautiful young woman, Esteban discovers he carries a secret passion for her, as well. This love-triangle features Victoria Ruffo, Ariadne Diaz, Cristian Meier, and is produced by Jose Alberto Castro. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)

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“Hasta el Fin del Mundo” (Until the End of Time) – This is the intricate tale of Sofia, the oldest of three sisters, who takes the helm of her family’s chocolate factory after her father’s death.  Engaged to a man who is ambitious and using her as a stepping stone, she feels an immediate and mutual attraction to Salvador, a race-car driver who, due to some unfortunate circumstances, is working as her chauffeur. Sofia and Salvador never tire of demonstrating that despite the hurdles, love is possible. The telenovela stars Marjorie De Sousa, international singing sensation Pedro Fernandez, Julian Gil and Claudia Alvarez, and is produced by Nicandro Diaz. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)

“Mi Corazón es Tuyo” (My Heart is Yours) – Life’s journey hasn’t been easy for Ana who works as an exotic dancer in a club and has just lost the home she struggled to own. She knows she has to start over.  Through a clerical error at an employment agency, Ana finds herself applying for the job of “nanny” to a wealthy widower, Fernando, with seven difficult children.  Somehow, without credentials or a cultured background, Ana manages to charm the children and help in the recovery process from the loss of their mother. Meanwhile, Fernando pursues a woman with a suitable pedigree, but it becomes increasingly obvious that he is smitten with Ana and she is smitten with him. Featuring Silvia Navarro, Jorge Salinas, Mayrín Villanueva, and is produced by Juan Osorio. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Televisa)

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Reality Shows
“Nuestra Belleza Latina 9” (Our Latin Beauty) – Univision’s hit beauty pageant and reality show returns for its ninth season. The highest rated reality show on Spanish-language television and the first TV show (in English or Spanish) to top Facebook’s weekly buzz rankings, will once again feature 12 young women who compete to become Hispanic television’s next big star. The reality competition takes viewers on the journey beginning with auditions across the country and throughout the grueling process to be selected as the finalists. A renowned panel of judges and beauty experts, along with viewer participation, determine the winner. (Sunday, Primetime – Univision)

Pantelion Films – Univision and Pantelion Films bring a series of award-winning films to U.S. television, including “Casa de mi Padre,” “Zapata,” “Labios Rojos” and the blockbuster hit “Instructions not Included” with Eugenio Derbez to air exclusively and for the first time on television only on Univision Network. (Sunday Night Movies)

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News Documentaries
“This is Not a Ball” – In this documentary, Vik Muniz will explore the all-encompassing meaning of the soccer ball and create works of art using 20,000 balls to reflect his findings and then donate the proceedings to soccer-related charities. “This is Not a Ball” is a one-hour documentary that will feature live events in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and the U.S. (Univision and UVideos.com)

“Who is Dayani Cristal?” – Deep in the sun-blistered Sonora Desert beneath a cicada tree, Arizona Police discover a decomposing male body. Lifting a tattered t-shirt, they expose a tattoo that reads “Dayani Cristal.” This is the story of the tragic results of the U.S. war on immigration viewed through the eyes of one of its victims. (Univision, UniMás and UVideos.com)

“Marmato” – Colombia is the center of the new global gold rush and Marmato, a historic mining town, is the new frontier. Filmed over the course of nearly six years, “Marmato” chronicles how the townspeople confront a Canadian mining company that wants the $20 billion in gold beneath their homes. Produced by Univision News and Pivot. (Univision and UVideos.com)

“Narco Tek” –  A look inside the technology used in the drug trafficking business both from the drug cartels’ side and the governments who are constantly fighting this multimillion dollar underground industry. (Univision and UVideos.com)

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UniMas Network

Dramatic Series
“Señorita Pólvora” (Miss Gunpowder) – Valentina Cardenas is a beautiful and outgoing young woman, whose comfortable, sheltered life is turned upside down with her father’s death. Valentina must become a strong woman to confront her father’s true double life, and finds herself caught in the dilemma of loving two very different men: a righteous, sincere and handsome news reporter, or a dangerous but sweet, intense head of a drug cartel. Who will she choose?  (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Sony Pictures Television/Televisa)

“El Varón de la Droga” (The Drug Lord) – This dramatic series tells the real story of “the most powerful drug trafficker in the world,” “El Chapo” Guzmán, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  (Monday – Friday)

“De-Mente Criminal” (Demented Criminal) – This fictional thriller is inspired by the life of Edmundo Chirinos, the famous Venezuelan psychiatrist who abused his patients with mind games that lead to sexual abuse. When the protagonist’s dark side is discovered by a female patient, he kills her. The story then focuses on the victim’s mother and her quest to find evidence to expose her daughter’s killer. Starring Sebastian Ligarde, Maria Fernanda Yepez and Lorena Rojas.  (Monday – Friday, Cisneros Media)

“La Fiesta del Chivo” (The Feast of the Goat) – Based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa and set in the 1950s, this is the real story of the Dominican Republic’s abusive dictator, Rafael Trujillo. It was written by Kiko Olivieri and counts Patricio Wills as executive producer. (Monday – Friday, RTI)

“En la Boca del Lobo” (At the Devil’s Table) – In the dangerous world of drugs only the strong survive and there is no way out, except death. Ricardo Salgado refuses to be one more. After losing his best friend and family Ricardo has nothing else to lose. He’s willing to give up the Cali Cartel to the CIA, but when the operation goes south, Ricardo must fight to stay alive. (Monday – Friday, Primetime, Sony Pictures Television)

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Galavision Network

Dramatic Series
“Los Héroes del Norte 3” (Heroes of the North) – In season 3 of the popular series, the band of heroes are off on a Caribbean adventure.  They are forced to change their identity, experience a series of bizarre events and return home to face new competition: the women of “The Heroines of the South.” Produced by Televisa and Gustavo Loza. (Tuesdays, Primetime)

“Místico e Inexplicable 3” (Mystical and Unexplainable) – “Místico e Inexplicable” is an original series that explores the paranormal. From UFOs, paranormal encounters and crop circles, to the Mayan calendar and stigmata, this show offers viewers a window into the mystic world. The docu-reality series is made in cooperation with famous Mexican paranormal scholar Jaime Maussan. (Primetime, Galavisión)

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Univision Deportes
Copa America “Centenario” – A once in a lifetime event celebrating 100 years of the Copa America, this special edition of the tournament will be played on U.S. soil for the first time and feature the best teams from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.  Mexico, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia among others will compete over 32 games in three weeks to crown the new champion of the Americas. (June 2016)

“Copa Oro 2015” (Gold Cup 2015) – Taking place every two years, the “Copa Oro” has become the region’s most important soccer event, routinely drawing capacity crowds and millions of viewers across the nation. Featuring the best players from the CONCACAF regions, the tournament has grown into a 12-nation championship. (July 2015)

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Digital Only Series
“Durmiendo Con Mi Jefe” (Sleeping with My Boss)  This series brings white humor for the entire family through the story of a businessman (Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo) who loses his fortune due to his wife´s wrath after discovering he is cheating on her. He is forced to work as a regular employee and starts encountering situations and adventures he is not prepared for. Starring Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo and Raul Araiza. (UVideos)

“Gritos de Muerte y Libertad” (Cries of Death and Freedom) – This is based on the Mexican period in the War of Independence between 1808 and 1821. Featuring AlejandroTommasi and Alberto Estrella. (UVideos)

“El Encanto Del Águila” (The Charm of the Eagle) – This 13-episode series is based on the Mexican Revolution and explores the storylines of Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Villa and Venustiano Carranzo. The show features Carlos Corona and Emilio Echevarría.(UVideos)

“La Cocina de Victoria” (Victoria’s Kitchen) – This 30-minute show, starring Chef Victoria Branda, offers cooking tips and delicious recipes for the best Mexican dishes. (UVideos)

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