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‘Untold: Breaking Point’ – Mardy Fish Explains Why You Shouldn’t Move in With Andy Roddick’s Dad (Exclusive Video)

Or at least that’s OUR takeaway

Andy Roddick’s dad is probably a really decent guy — just maybe don’t live with him.

In the new installment of Netflix’s “Untold,” former pro tennis player Mardy Fish is wide open about his struggles with mental health. He also shares an amusing anecdote about the time he lived with The Roddicks.

Fish’s old pal, training partner and tennis rival Andy Roddick is featured throughout the excellent “Untold: Breaking Point.” Roddick respectfully explained the differences between Fish, who he described as a “laid-back beach kid,” and his own family.

Mr. Roddick, a military veteran, would wake Mardy up at 5 a.m. and insist that it was time to stretch, Fish recalled. Remember, this wasn’t just not Mr. Roddick’s son, it was a guest in his house. And that guest, like Andy, was a teenage boy.

Watch the video above to see what we mean.

Look, we’re not genuinely ripping Andy Roddick’s dad — we’re just having a little fun with him. And why not? Andy and Mardy do too in the documentary, and clearly the lessons imparted by his dad led Roddick to an impressive tennis career.

Our readers probably know less about Fish than they do Roddick. “Untold: Breaking Point” is great opportunity to get to know Mardy through all of his personal and professional twists and turns: Fish is a game interview subject who had a hell of a tennis game.

“Untold” comes from Chapman Way and Maclain Way, who created the series and direct each documentary. In addition to those two, Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, Ryan Duffy, Miguel Tamayo and Jaymee Messler also executive produce the Propagate, Stardust Frames and The Players’ Tribune Production.

Netflix’s “Untold: Breaking Point” tells the story of Mardy Fish as he rose to be the No. 1-ranked American male tennis player while facing mental health challenges that changed his life on and off the court.