‘Upload’ Season 3 Trailer Puts Nathan Into a Love Triangle… With Himself (Video)

Is it cheating if “it’s just your boyfriend six months ago”?

At the end of “Upload” Season 2, things looked very good for Nathan (Robbie Amell). Having finally escaped from the virtual afterlife known as Lakeview by downloading himself into a clone body, he seemed bound for IRL relationship bliss with Nora (Andy Allo). Yay! Except, uh oh, his nose started bleeding — which means the download is going to fail and he might die for real.

Well, we’re now just a month out from the Oct. 20 premiere of “Upload” Season 3 on Amazon’s Prime Video, and based on the new trailer, it looks like death is just one of the headaches Nathan needs to deal with. Because now he’s competing for Nora’s affections with himself — or rather, himself from six months earlier.

It seems relationships are easy enough to start, but maintaining them takes work. But Nora really likes Nathan. Luckily — if you can call it luck — someone freaked out when they discovered he had escaped from Lakeview and “rebooted him with a backup copy.” Meaning, now there are two Nathans, one in the real world and one back in Lakeview who doesn’t remember anything that’s happened to him since he died the first time.

This proves to be a great opportunity for Ingrid, Nathan’s obsessive ex-girlfriend, to start over with a version of him that doesn’t remember that she uploaded him into Lakeview without his consent. But it seems Nora, getting a little frustrated with Nathan in the real world, also takes an interest in his digital backup. And as she’s told during the trailer, is it really cheating if “it’s just your boyfriend six months ago”?

And that’s not even getting into the conspiracy behind Nate’s death, the luddite separatists, Aleesha rising through the ranks of Horizen (which manages Lakeview), and poor Luke, who is left alone there and can’t afford it anymore, forcing him to work in the Grey Zone. Really, this show can’t come back fast enough.

And yes, for those keeping score, the show debuted on Prime during the COVID lockdown back in the spring of 2020, but only about six months have passed in-universe. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty good approximation of how the passage of time has felt since then.

Created by Greg Daniels, “Upload” stars Amell and Allo alongside Kevin Bigley as Luke, Allegra Edwards as Ingrid, Zainab Johnson as Aleesha and Owen Daniels as AI Guy. Season 3 premieres Oct. 20.

Watch the full trailer above now.