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US Capitol Police Officer on Life Support After Pro-Trump Riots, Police Say

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund announced his resignation Thursday

Contrary to multiple news reports, a U.S. Capitol Police officer did not die from injuries incurred during Wednesday’s riot, U.S. Capitol Police said Thursday.

According to WUSA9 reporter Bruce Leshan, one of the injured officers is on life support awaiting the arrival of their family.

Previously, CNN and NPR reported that an officer, whose identity was not made public, had died from injuries incurred during the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol building. The death toll remains at 4: A woman rioter who died Wednesday after being shot by police as the crowd stormed the building, and three others who died from unspecified “medical emergencies.”

In a statement earlier Thursday, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said 50 law enforcement officials were injured during the riot, after clashing with Trump supporters armed with metal pipes and other weapons. According to the statement, police also responded to reports of potential bomb threats in and around the Capitol.

Sund himself has resigned over the incident after lawmakers, including House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, criticized Capitol Police’s lack of preparedness and mishandling of the situation. Sund is set to step down on Jan. 16.

Hundreds of pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 presidential election. As a result of the chaos, Vice President Mike Pence was rushed from the Senate floor and lawmakers were forced to evacuate the building, bringing a temporary halt to the day’s proceedings. Images and video from inside the building showed rioters vandalizing the building and occupying congressional offices while carrying Trump flags and other paraphernalia.

The events were met with widespread condemnation from lawmakers and other elected officials, with particular ire directed at President Trump’s role in inciting the riots by repeating false claims of election fraud. A growing number have called on Trump to resign or for the Congress to take action to remove him from office, either through impeachment or by invoking the 25th Amendment.

Trump on Thursday, after a period of apparent unwillingness to definitively condemn the rioters, issued a statement on Twitter disavowing the violence and finally conceding the election.

Correction: Based on widespread reporting, a previous version of this article said the officer had died.