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Us Weekly Thinks it Knows Where Tiger Woods Is

On Long Island at Cablevision chief’s mansion

Us Weekly says it has an exclusive answer to the elusive question that’s been on the minds of all Americans since Thanksgiving: Where in the world is Tiger Woods?

At Cablevision CEO and New York Knick’s owner Jim Dolan’s house, that’s where!

We’ll let Us tell us:

"Jim reached out to Tiger," one knowledgeable source tells Us Weekly — on newsstands now — adding that Dolan invited Woods to hide out at his $13.5 million fortress-like waterfront estate — the main house of which is a 10,000-square-foot colonial mansion — on New York’s Long Island a week after his sex scandal broke. "Tiger’s been seeing a shrink who goes to Dolan’s house," says the source.

This would seem to conflict with recent reports – by TMZ and others – that Tiger is in Africa. Or Arizona. Or Palm Beach. Or at the Trump International Hotel in New York.

When Tiger does surface, it’ll be probably be on Oprah.

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