V. Stiviano Claims Donald Sterling Is Gay In Cross-Complaint to Shelly Sterling Suit

The ex-girlfriend says that she was the former L.A. Clippers owner’s “beard”

Instagram/Getty Images

V. Stiviano has made some big accusations about Donald Sterling and wife Shelly Sterling in the legal war raging between them.

In response to Shelly’s lawsuit, which accuses the model mistress of taking $1.8 million from the Sterling Family in gifts for sexual favors, Stiviano says that she “was not ever a sexual partner” of Donald.

In documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 9 obtained by TheWrap, Stiviano said that Donald is “homosexual and enjoys sexual and or sexual congress with males” and that she acted as his “beard.”

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Additionally, the documents state that Shelly knew and “condoned” her husband’s “sexual orientation” and approved “gifts of money and or properties” to Stiviano for acting as his beard.

She also states that the gifts are considered separate property, not “marital or community property,” since they were purchased with funds earned by Donald after separation or “estrangement” from Shelly. Therefore, they’re irrevocable and she doesn’t have to pay them back.

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In a separate court battle, both NBC and Donald agreed to drop the Sterling Family Trust from their previous suits against each other. That doesn’t dismiss Donald from the suit and the counterclaims still stand.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.