Van Halen Tour Postponement: They Needed a Breather, Source Says

No definite plans to reschedule shows on Van Halen tour

Van Halen's postponement Thursday of nearly three dozen shows is due to a very un-rock 'n' roll reason: the band just needed a break.

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An individual familiar with the tour timeout told TheWrap that the band isn't fighting, and no substance-abuse problems have developed during the road jaunt. Nor did the band put the brakes on due to poor ticket sales or illness, the individual said.

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But, shortly after recently adding three dozen shows to  the tour — bringing the total to 86 shows — the band took a step back and realized that they'd set themselves up for an overly grueling schedule.

The band has played about 30 shows on the tour so far with about 95 percent capacity at the venues, and will play its scheduled dates up to its June 26 concert in New Orleans, bringing the the total amount of shows played to 50.

The break is still being considered a postponement, though no definite plans have been made to reschedule the summer dates. According to the individual, the operative phrase right now is "wait and see."

Van Halen pulled out of the dates Thursday without comment, leading to speculation about the cause. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen and original singer David Lee Roth have historically had a tense relationship, which led to the scuttling of at least one reunion in the past. And dates on a 2008 tour were postponed, with the official reason being that Van Halen, who had entered rehab the year before, was undergoing tests for an unspecified medical condition.

The group is currently touring behind its most recent album, "A Different Kind of Truth."