Vanessa Redgrave to Direct ‘A World I Loved’ at Columbia’s Miller Theater

Vanessa Redgrave will also narrate "A World I Loved," about Lebanon's tumultuous history

Vanessa Redgrave is taking a seat in the director's chair.

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The Oscar- and Tony Award-winning actress will direct and narrate a two-night production of "A World I Loved: The Story of an Arab Woman" at the Miller Theater at Columbia University in cooperation with New York's Public Theater.

The production, which takes place Nov. 28 and 29, is part of Brighton Festival 2012.

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Redgrave also co-wrote "A World I Loved," which is described as a narrative with music, with Mariam C. Said.

Based on the memoir of Said's mother, Wadad Makdisi Cortas, the play chronicles Cortas' experiences as a student,  teacher and eventually principal in a girls’ school in Beirut, as filtered through the wider political and historical narrative of Lebanon throughout the 20th century. Beginning in Lebanon in 1917, the narrative spans over half a century, through the creation of Israel to the Lebanese Civil War.

In addition to Redgrave, the cast also includes Cortas' granddaughter Nalja Said.

Mariam Said is the widow of influential literary critic and scholar Edward W. Said, who taught English and Comparative Literature at Columbia for 40 years,.

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Redgrave, 75, will also star alongside "The Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg in "The Revisionist," which Eisenberg also wrote. That play is scheduled to run from Feb. 6 to March 31 at the Cherry Lane Theater in New York.