‘Venom’ Fans Enraged Over Teaser Trailer That Didn’t, Um, Show Venom

“How in the hell are you going to release a VENOM trailer that doesn’t show a glimpse, even for a split-second, of, you know, VENOM!?”


“Venom” fans are pretty crestfallen right now. That’s because the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated comic book film failed to actually show the character.

“Ah, now eventually you DO plan to have Venom in your, in your VENOM movie, right? Hello?” wrote one fan, while another said, “How can you tease the movie without showing the character? GG Sony… You deserve to be sold at this point.”

“Sony, how in the hell are you going to release a VENOM trailer that doesn’t show a glimpse, even for a split-second, of, you know, VENOM!? You want people to buy this half-cooked idea you have? Show us this..” wrote another distraught fan.

Sony dropped the first teaser trailer for “Venom” on Thursday. Hardy stars as photographer Eddie Brock, who is able to transform into a horrifying, sharp-fanged creature known as Venom — a character who belongs to Sony’s Marvel Universe of characters though the new film is not considered a spinoff of the Sony-based “Spider-Man” franchise. While the teaser did feature Hardy as Brock, it didn’t show him in his transformed state as Venom.

See for yourself here:

The film also stars Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson.

Some fans were quick to rush to the trailer’s defense, reminding everyone that the film is still eight months out and still deep in production work. Others said that they understand the studio wouldn’t want to give their main attraction away.

“I get some people are not quite impressed with the trailer but its a teaser and the film is still deep in post production work,” said one fan. “We still have yet to see full Venom or . The cast is too good for me to take dump on this film I am seeing some already are.”

However, another fan responded, “If it’s too early to even show a single shot of the title character in your trailer… maybe just don’t release a trailer?”



Hardy himself took to Instagram to tease the trailer, writing “We’re just getting started…”

Ruben Fleischer is directing the film, based on a script by Scott Rosenberg (“Jumanji”) and Jeff Pinkner (“The Dark Tower”).

Sony is due to release “Venom” on Oct. 5.

See reactions to the omission of Venom in the trailer below.