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‘The Vet Life': Watch This Lady Kiss Her Sick Lizard (Exclusive Video)

Bearded dragon is “a little diva, just like her mommy,” mother of said diva says

“I’ll take a vet over an M.D. any day,” the wise philosopher Cosmo Kramer once said. “They gotta be able to cure a lizard, a chicken, a pig, a frog — all on the same day.”

Well, Dr. Ross has to fix the first kind on the upcoming episode of Animal Planet’s “The Vet Life,” when he must spay a bearded dragon who is laying bad eggs. That procedure is far more dangerous on reptiles than the furry friends most of us have.

“You do understand she’s my baby, right?” her owner implores the veterinarian in the above sneak peek clip, which is exclusive to TheWrap. “She’s my first.”

“We have a special bond,” Candi — that’s the human, not the scaly thing on a leash — tells Dr. Ross. “She’s a little diva, just like her mommy.”

Watch the video above, and pray for Saphira. (That’s the gecko-cousin.)

“The Vet Life” is produced by Glass Entertainment Group with Argle Bargle Films. Nancy Glass, Shannon Biggs, Jairus Cobb and Keith Hoffman are executive producers.

The series airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.