Vibrant TV Launches on Alki David’s FilmOn Networks (Exclusive)

The channel will bring a 24/7 schedule of international programming to the live digital streaming service

Vibrant TV Network is going live on Alki David‘s FilmOn Networks, bringing the channel’s 24/7 schedule of international programming to the large digital live streaming service, the network will announce Friday.

It is the newest full-time channel to be added to FilmOn, which already features over 600 television channels and more than 90,000 Video-On-Demands.

Because of the partnership, Vibrant TV will deliver to an audience of 50 million unique monthly users nationwide, presenting a wide range of entertainment from around the world in English in categories such as lifestyle, comedy, action, drama, travel, food and sports. Vibrant TV has previously been available on Roku.

“FilmOn has burgeoned into a powerful and unique live streaming service offering an extraordinary portfolio of entertainment choices,” said Dan Zifkin, Chief Executive Officer of Vibrant TV. “We are delighted to join with FilmOn and bring Vibrant TV to its growing audiences across the country.”

FilmOn is the largest IP-delivered digital television platform, available globally via computers, smartphones, tables and other IP-enabled devices. It offers more than 600 TV channels and podcasts, as well as 50 audio channels.

On June 9, Alki’s Anakando Media Group, which is the parent company of FilmOn, acquired a large stake in MondoTunes. The digital music distribution platform offers single-point access to iTunes, Amazon, Beats, Spotify and over 600 other online stores, giving independent artists an opportunity to increase revenues while maintaining 100-percent ownership of their work.