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A Video Chat with James Cameron and Zoe Saldana

The ‘Avatar’ director and star on his ‘Rambo’ filmmaking and her “well of ferocity”

He wrote and directed a movie you might have heard of. It’s called “Avatar.”

She’s one of the stars of the film. She plays a 10-foot blue alien with a tail.

James Cameron and Zoe Saldana came to theWrap’s Filmmaker Screening Series presentation of “Avatar” at the Arclight Hollywood on Tuesday night, participating in a spirited Q&A with Editor Sharon Waxman in front of a packed house of Wrap readers and Academy members, who braved a long line and ridiculous parking prices.

Both have participated in post-screening Q&As before, but theWrap’s screening marked the first time they’ve done it together.

Before they sat down with Sharon, I cornered Cameron and Saldana for a quick video chat in the Arclight’s green room. At least I thought it’d be a quick chat – but these two launched into some enthusiastic storytelling from the start, full of tales of blood and ferocity and his army of “little Terminators” that helped make the movie.

Without needing any help from me, they kept on going until “Avatar” producer Jon Laudau stepped in and informed them that it was time to head downstairs for the real Q&A, in which Cameron responded to critics of the movie’s politics.

Here’s how it went: