Village Voice Jokes About Bad Coffee in First Statement Since Employees’ Lunchtime Walkout

“The Village Voice values our employees, and we’re confident that we’ll achieve a mutually beneficial resolution,” management said in their first public statement since the protest

The Village Voice is convinced it will resolve an ongoing contract dispute with its disgruntled employees, according to a statement obtained by TheWrap Wednesday.

It’s the first time that Voice management has responded publicly since its staffers took to the streets in a lunchtime protest over inadequate pay, rising healthcare costs and “shit coffee” on Monday.

“The Village Voice values our employees, and we’re confident that we’ll achieve a mutually beneficial resolution — the hardest part may be getting this many New Yorkers to agree on what qualifies as a good cup of coffee,” the statement read.

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Frustrated employees might be grateful to learn the coffee situation is indeed being investigated, but their demands do not stop there.

“We may not agree on what makes a good cup of coffee,” responded Eden Schulz, secretary-treasurer of UAW Local 2110 and the Voice’s union representative, in a statement Wednesday to TheWrap. “But all of us know that we deserve better than drastic cuts in health care and other benefits.”

The two sides had previously set a contract negotiation deadline for midnight on Monday — but when the deadline passed without a settlement being reached, tensions escalated.

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“Management’s offer is intolerable,” read Tuesday’s statement from Voice employees who had just voted unanimously to authorize a committee to create a strike deadline. “It reeks of contempt for us as employees, for the work that we do, and for our future with the company.”

If the “mutually beneficial resolution” management refers to can’t be agreed upon before the next deadline passes, the workers say they are prepared to strike.