Vimeo to Add Subscriptions After Buying Digital Video Start-Up VHX

The deal means people and media companies who upload to Vimeo will have new ways to make money through recurring charges


Vimeo said Monday it has bought VHX, a digital video start-up that builds online subscription video channels.

Vimeo, which is owned by media conglomerate IAC, is most easily characterized as a smaller, high-brow YouTube. Vimeo allows people to upload content, just like Google’s massive site, but its early emphasis on high-resolution picture quality and ongoing persistence at not including video ads tended to attract filmmakers and trained video creators more so than mass populace uploaders and vloggers.

And now, also like YouTube and a parade of other digital video sites, Vimeo is getting into the online subscription game.

“Online video is expanding from a few, mainstream subscription services into a flourishing world of interest-based streaming channels, much like the evolution from broadcast to cable television,” said Kerry Trainor, Vimeo’s CEO, in a statement. “Vimeo is home to the world’s leading video creators and the viewers who love them, and we’re excited to add VHX’s team and technology to our streaming marketplace. As the video universe continues to unbundle, Vimeo offers the ideal home for the next generation of premium video channels serving passionate global audiences.”

With the addition of VHX, Vimeo will allow creators the option of offering subscription video channels, in addition to free viewing and pay-per-view. The companies’ touted that their offering provides a trove of data and has “best-in-industry revenue share,” without specifying the split.

“Adding our platform to Vimeo’s massive community of creators and consumers means we’ll be able to move faster, and help creators large and small succeed in the over-the-top streaming market.”

Vimeo has more than 280 million creators and viewers on its platform. YouTube, meanwhile, has well more than a billion.