Vin Diesel Gets Awkwardly Amorous With Interviewer (Video)

“She’s so f—ing beautiful,” says “xXx” star

Anyone who has interviewed Vin Diesel knows he’s a jovial guy, even a bit eccentric at times — but did he just go over the edge in this “xXx” interview?

“She’s so f—ing beautiful it’s like you can’t even do an interview with her,” he said as Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira sat down with him to talk about the upcoming “xXx” sequel.

At the 4:45 mark, Vin starts in after Moreira questions him about his role in “Saving Private Ryan,” stopping to tell her how “beautiful” she is.

God, you’re so beautiful,” he gushes as Moreira reacts with nervous giggles. Diesel then turns to colleagues off camera: “She’s so beautiful. Am I right or wrong? Look at her … Talk to me baby. Tell me your story.”

“Thank you,” she replies sheepishly.

“Let’s get outta here. Let’s go have lunch,” the “Fast & Furious” star shamelessly suggests as the camera keeps rolling.

If the exchange wasn’t awkward enough, he revisits the topic of Moriera’s beauty again at 7:15 after she asks about his love of Dungeons and Dragons.

“I’m anything like you because I love you,” added Diesel.

Cue the second round of Moriera’s nervous laughter.

“You guys think this is a joke. How am I supposed to sit up here when I’m looking at such beauty,” he said.

Someone off camera agrees, albeit, in a deadpan tone: “She’s beautiful.”

“She’s so beautiful. I’m in love,” said Diesel.

A polite Moriera guides him back to the topic of Dungeons and Dragons but at 11:36 Diesel goes back in for the kill, whispering “I love you. I love you,” and telling the guys off camera, “Man, she’s so f—ing sexy… She’s so f—ing beautiful it’s like you can’t even do an interview with her…”

Some word of advice to Vin: Take a cold shower before you do a press junket from now on.