Vivica A. Fox Erupts Over Trump’s ‘Independence Day’ Video: ‘Typical POS Behavior!’

VIdeo placing Trump in President Whitmore’s famous pre-battle speech prompts all caps reaction from actress

Trump Independence Day

Donald Trump’s recent take on “Independence Day” prompted a furious reaction from one of the film’s stars, Vivica A. Fox, who called his edit of a classic scene, “Typical POS behavior!” The altered video puts Trump in the place of President Thomas Whitmore during his famous pre-battle speech. Played by Bill Pullman, Whitmore is a Gulf War veteran who served as an Air Force fighter pilot and directly takes the fight to the alien mothership at Area 51. Before the attack, Whitmore rouses the troops with a speech in which he declares, “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!” In Trump’s version, in which the president’s face is placed over Whitmore’s, he speaks to a crowd that also includes his son, Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News pundit Sean Hannity. Fox, who starred in the film alongside Will Smith, was not happy about this. “Pretending [you] know what you’re doing?” she wrote in an all caps response. “Can’t believe you would insult our classic film this way! But hey! Typical POS behavior! You never had the courage or the leadership to do this role! Never!” Fox wasn’t alone in her disgust. Pullman said in a statement, “My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president — this year.” And actor Michael Rapaport, known for his social media rants, said he “would 1000% rather have Bill Pullman as President.” “You’re all about that ‘No Peace’ Life you sloppy orange orangutan,” Rapaport tweeted. “You’re out here posting fake news videos from Independence Day? Would LOVE to be Independent of you and whatever henchman is posting to your Twitter account ASAP” Trump has pushed forward on reopening businesses despite warnings from health officials that many states are still seeing rises in infections from the COVID-19 pandemic and that reopening the economy prematurely could lead to a surge in deaths. Rick Bright, an ousted NIH advisor and head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, testified in Congress that the Trump administration has not implemented a “standard, centralized, coordinated plan” to deal with the pandemic and doubted that the president would be able to make good on his promise to provide a vaccine within 12-18 months. “Our window of opportunity is closing,” Bright warned. “Without better planning, 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history.”