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‘Walking Dead’ Fans React to Carl’s Death: ‘Rip My Heart Out AMC!’

Folks had hella feels about it

(Major spoilers ahead for the episode of “The Walking Dead” in which Carl dies.)

Well, we had to wait more than two months since Carl (Chandler Riggs) revealed his zombie bite in the last scene of the mid-season finale to actually see him die, but the big day has finally come. Carl is now dead, after getting most of an episode to say goodbye to everyone and have them tell him how much they love him before Rick handed him a pistol so he could shoot himself in the face.

It was quite the emotional episode, given how attached fans have gotten to Carl in the last couple years, as he really grew into on the best characters on the show.

On Sunday night, there was lots of crying and lots of jokes (of course), but certainly there wasn’t much apathy — strong feelings happened all the way around as folks shared their responses to Carl’s exit. Below you’ll find a sampling of what folks had to say.

First, there was the heart-wrenching run-up to the final moments as the other characters said their goodbyes to Carl. A few viewers hoped the show would pull a fast one and save Carl, but as time went on, they started to accept that yes, Carl was really going to die.




Among the roughest moments: When Carl passed his iconic sheriff hat to his little sister Judith.



And then there was Carl’s actual death, which restarted the whole cycle and hurt even more than many seemed to expect.




But as always, “The Walking Dead” had one more trick, ending with Rick’s vision of the future Carl had hoped for, which includes peace with the Saviors — and even Negan living in Rick’s community.