‘Walking Dead’ Fan Can’t Stop Crying After Brutal Season Premiere (Video)

Clearly, Ashley was quite fond of Negan’s victim

Many “Walking Dead” watchers were devastated from Sunday’s Season 7 premiere by the revelation of Negan’s victim. None, however, were quite as crushed as this one girl.

Apparent super-fan Ashley bawled into her zebra comforter while a very cruel friend of her sister videotaped all the trauma, which concluded with a staircase collapse. Clearly, the safari-lover had some skin in the game.

TheWrap won’t reveal who was murdered, just in case our readers haven’t watched yet. After all, we don’t want you ending up like poor Ashley over this post. (Someone tell her it’s just a ficticious TV show, OK?)

For those still playing catch-up, however, we hope you’ve stayed off social media. Also, you might be in the minority, as 17 million total viewers tuned in to Episode 701, per Nielsen.

Finally, someone teach YouTube user ayeharmony about landscape mode. Watch her (vertical) video above.