‘Walking Dead’ Star Steven Yeun Reveals the New Threat of Season 5 (Video)

“What’s great about this season is that we’re really able to dive into the individual,” the actor tells TheWrap’s during special countdown episodes of “Drinking With the Stars”

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TheWrap kicks off its special “Walking Dead” Season 5 premiere countdown with 4 episodes of “Drinking With the Stars”

“Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun teases the series’ upcoming “threat,” what’s next for his character Glenn and Maggie and tells fans why “anybody could go.”

“What’s great about this season is that we’re really able to dive into the individual, we’re really able to see how each single person tries to thrive in this world, considering the stakes are a little bit more brutal,” Yeun told TheWrap’s Rebecca Rosenberg during a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars” at The Bun Shop in Los Angeles’ Koreatown.

And of Season 5’s new threat: “The war within ourselves. It’s really just choosing which way to live, because if you’re out there too long, sometimes you can’t come back.”

When viewers last saw Yeun’s character Glenn Rhee at the end of Season 4, he had just been reunited with fellow survivor Rick (Andrew Lincoln) as well as his apocalyptic love Maggie (Lauren Cohan) before entering the mysterious Terminus — which may or may not be a safe haven for the survivors. In the final moments of the show’s intense cliffhanger, Glenn and company were locked inside a train car by “Termites,” as fans commonly refer to members of Terminus.

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Though he played coy on specific season premiere details, Yeun did reveal: “You’re finding people that are kind of caught at a crossroads of whether they want to choose that of complete savagery and brutality or if they want to go to the route of trying to maintain a semblance of humanity,” previews Yeun.

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AMC’s zombie apocalypse series “Walking Dead” returns Sunday, Oct. 12.

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