5 ‘Walking Dead’ Theories on Who Will Die in Midseason Finale

Could another major character be in for a shocking death?

Last Updated: December 6, 2016 @ 6:47 AM

(Spoiler Alert: The following contains spoilers for “The Walking Dead” TV series and comics)

“The Walking Dead” Season 7 midseason finale is set to air this Sunday, and it looks like yet another character is getting killed off in bloody fashion.

As we noted earlier, in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, we see Negan with blood on his clothes and face walking away from Rick. Given Negan’s penchant for cold-blooded murder, chances are this signals someone is getting the axe — or baseball bat, as the case may be — this Sunday.

Below, TheWrap has rounded up the most likely victims.


Negan has shown a strange fascination with Rick’s son, which culminated in this week’s episode in which he takes Carl on a tour of the Saviors’ Sanctuary compound. But the fact of the matter remains, Carl killed two of Negan’s men and Negan will demand a punishment. Add to that the rumors that Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, is leaving the show to attend college, and this one becomes more plausible.

2. Spencer

The sole surviving member of Deanna’s family has become increasingly dissatisfied with Rick’s leadership throughout the season. In this week’s episode, he told Father Gabriel that he hopes Rick will die. In the comics, Spencer asks Negan to kill Rick, and Negan responds by killing him for being a coward. This one seems most likely, but the show has diverged from the source material plenty of times.

3. Olivia

Negan has said he doesn’t enjoy killing women, but Olivia is thus far the only woman we have seen get violent with him. After Negan insults her weight and offers to sleep with her to make up for it, Olivia slaps him across the face. Could she end up dead as a result of the slap and Negan’s demand for revenge after Carl’s failed attack?

4. Aaron

Aaron is one of the few original Alexandria inhabitants to make an impression since Rick and company entered the community in Season 5. He also went on a run with Rick to scavenge supplies for Negan in this week’s episode and could face Negan’s wrath if what he and Rick found isn’t to the head Savior’s liking.

5. Judith

As stated previously, Negan has said he doesn’t enjoy killing women. One would hope that extends to toddlers as well. But what better way to torture Rick than to make him watch his youngest child die?