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Wall Street Journal Accuses Senator Rand Paul of ‘Joining the Santa Monica Left’ in Vaccination Fear

Conservative paper says senator ”will have to avoid these libertarian dormitory passions if he wants to be a credible candidate“

The Wall Street Journal editorial board hit libertarian senator and probably presidential contender Rand Paul on Wednesday for his statement linking children’s mental illness with vaccinations.

Paul has said he’s heard of many children who were “normal” before being inoculated, but developed mental disorders post-vaccination.

WSJ isn’t buying Paul’s aspersions, writing that the Kentucky Senator has joined the “Santa Monica left” in casting doubt on vaccinations being safe.

“Mr. Paul is an ophthalmologist, so he should know he was broadcasting misinformation,” the board writes, pivoting to explaining the scientific evidence that backs the safety of vaccinating children.

WSJ’s editorial board goes on to pour cold water on Paul’s assertion that the government is forcing children to get vaccinated.

“Government doesn’t ‘force’ parents to vaccinate children. The states impose penalties (such as barring attendance in public schools) on those who pose a risk to public health by refusing vaccinations against infectious diseases. This strikes us as a legitimate use of state ‘police powers’ under the Constitution. It is also a reasonable and small sacrifice of liberty to prevent the potentially fatal infection of unsuspecting infants at Disneyland.”

Over the last year, the senator has endeared himself to younger and minority audiences better than other conservative politicians of recent years; he went on MTV to talk about civil rights this past Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and he did his State of the Union rebuttal via YouTube.

Paul hasn’t formally announced an exploratory committee for 2016 yet.

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