Wanda Sykes Jokes Olympics Should Wait Until Sha’Carri Richardson Runs Out of Weed (Video)

“Sha’Carri Richardson won’t miss the Olympics, the Olympics will miss Sha’Carri Richardson,” Sykes says

Wanda Sykes thinks that this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan should be postponed until Olympic Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson is out of pot and will pass a drug test.

Sykes is guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week and during Wednesday’s opening monologue she joined the legions of people who think it’s kind of dumb that Richardson was benched after testing positive for cannabis use.

“Yesterday we learned that America’s fastest woman Sha’Carri Richardson will not compete in the games. Sha’Carri was suspended because she tested positive for marijuana, which is considered a performance enhancing drug by the dopes at the World Anti-Doping Agency,” Sykes said. “That makes no sense, marijuana doesn’t enhance your performance at all. Unless that performance is taken down a bag of Tostitos.”

“Why are we even doing the Olympics?” Sykes asked. “Nobody in Japan wants them. Tokyo declared a COVID state of emergency today. They may not even have any fans in the stands. The whole thing is a mess.”

Sykes isn’t wrong: A recent poll from Japanese news outlet Kyodo News found that only roughly 24% of Japan was in favor of holding the Olympics this year. 36.4% of people were in favor of the games being postponed again, while 33.7% said they thought the games should be canceled altogether.

The survey noted, “75.3 percent of those backing either a further delay in the games or their cancelation believe the virus cannot be contained anytime soon.”

“We’re looking at this the wrong way,” Sykes added. “Sha’Carri Richardson won’t miss the Olympics, the Olympics will miss Sha’Carri Richardson.”

Instead of continuing ahead with the massive multinational event, Sykes suggested we do the sensible thing — postpone the games. Specifically, she suggested we suspend the games until Richardson runs out of weed edibles and can run again.

“I say we postpone the Olympics until Sha’Carri’s gummies run out. She runs out of gummies, then, boom,” Sykes said, making finger guns to signify the starting shot. Honestly, it’s not a half-bad idea — especially if considering that traces of pot from edibles can linger in your system for anywhere from a week to a month or more, depending on how frequently a persons uses them.

Take a look at the full clip at the top of the page.


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