Warm Yourself by the Netflix Streaming Yule Log (Video)

Stream yourself a merry little Christmas

Good tidings, sad apartment dweller, and count your blessings this holiday season: the Netflix Yule log is here.

In olden times, our grandparents needed a television or VHS tape to watch images of a crackling fire. But now, through the miracle of streaming, you can warm yourself by the light of someone else’s filmed fire from your laptop, iPad, or other device.

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No longer do you need to pay the cable bill and huddle around the flatscreen in the den. With the Netflix streaming Yule log, you can enjoy a crackling fire in the bathroom, just like Jon Huntsman.

In the spirit of Christmas cheer, Netflix is even making a trailer of the the fire available to non-subscribers at YouTube. Come, friends: Let us look at pictures of cocoa and enjoy the fire together.