Ben Affleck Steals a Batarang From ‘Justice League’; Warner Bros. Responds With a Bill

“Turns out batarangs aren’t cheap!” says Affleck

Ben Affleck has sticky fingers when it comes to cool Bat-gadgets. He couldn’t resist taking a batarang prop from the set of “Justice League”… and Warner Bros. sent him a bill for it.

The Batman headliner appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Thursday to promote “Justice League” and was asked if he was able to keep anything from the film’s treasure trove of fun stuff.

“There was some other stuff that fell off the truck, like the batarangs and stuff,” Affleck said. “I kept getting these phone calls from the prop department, like, ‘You sure you haven’t found any of that stuff yet?’”

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The aforementioned “stuff” in question was a batarang, the bat-shaped throwing weapon used by the Caped Crusader. Affleck took one home from the set and said that the studio billed him for lifting the souvenir.

“You can’t exactly have been stealing if you got been billed for it, which is what happened to me,” Affleck laughed. “Turns out batarangs aren’t cheap!”

Watch Affleck’s “The Late Show” interview in the video above.