Warner Bros. Discovery Head of Research Tania Missad to Exit | Exclusive

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The executive departs amid a potential restructuring of the department

tania missad warner bros discovery research exit restructuring
Warner Bros. Discovery's Global Head of Corporate Research, Data & Insights Tania Missad is leaving the company.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s global head of corporate research Tania Missad is leaving the company amid discussions of departmental restructuring, two individuals familiar with the matter told TheWrap.

According to one individual, Missad is leaving after engaging in discussions about restructuring the research department and her exit was a mutual decision between her and WBD.

That individual told TheWrap that WBD is still in discussions about the departmental restructuring and that no decisions have been made.

Though, a second individual with knowledge said the restructuring would effectively “wipe out” the cable research department, which tracks with the lessening importance of linear TV to the future of the industry.