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Warner Bros. Finds Someone to Take George Clooney’s ‘Batman’ Mask

The Smithsonian receives items from some of the less-than-illustrious entries in the superhero-movie genre

The good news for the Smithsonian? It's getting some Batman-related memorabilia.

The bad news? It's not exactly the cream of the crop.

Warner Bros. donated more than 30 items of movie memorabilia to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History on Friday.

Among the items: The mask and cowl that George Clooney wore in the 1997 film "Batman & Robin," which drew a chilly critical reception worthy of the film's villain, Mr. Freeze.

Also donated: The suit worn by Halle Berry in "Catwoman," a film that was also poorly received, despite the fact that it featured Halle Berry wearing the costume that she wore in "Catwoman."

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Warner Bros. also tossed in the suit that Christopher Reeve wore in "Superman III." (You know, the one with Richard Pryor?)

Among the other items that Warner Bros. donated were the stop-action puppets used in Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" and the suit worn by Paul Newman in "The Helen Morgan Story," which was apparently a movie of some sort at one point.

"At the National Museum of American History we seek to tell a inclusive American story. Films are an integral part of this culture and of our daily lives, shaping how we perceive ourselves as Americans. The legacy of Warner Bros. is an important part of American history and these objects help us to tell that story," museum director John Gray said, despite all of the above.

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