Was Susan Boyle ‘Anal Bum Party’ Twitter Hashtag an Accident? Fans Say No

Susan Boyle fans don't believe #susanalbumparty, which they read as "anal bum party," was a mere PR gaffe

Susan Boyle, the Scottish songbird whose pipes won her the silver in "Britain's Got Talent," has a new album coming out. So to drum up support, her publicists went on Twitter to tout the listening party for "Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage."

And what buzz they drummed.

@IsTwitWrongSee, "Susan Listening Party," when hashtagged as #susanalbumparty, looks quite different to the gutter-minded folks who reside on the internet. To them, it reads: "Su's Anal Bum Party." (Click on image, left, to enlarge)

And few of those tweeting about it believed this was a simple PR gaffe — a slight technical oversight. Oh no, as author Phil Stead tweeted: "Her social media team are either very naiive or geniuses."

The PR team quickly deleted the tweet, replacing it with #SusanBoyleAlbumParty.

But, common consensus on Twitter? Geniuses.

"I didn't realise Susan Boyle had a new album out. has made me realise," tweeted Liam Gascoigne. They knew exactly what they were doing!"

Paul Thomas, the DJ and producer, agreed.

"Susan Boyle's official album hash tag is ," he tweeted. "Absolute genius."

Tweeted a user named Everton Tony: "Congrats to for creating the best hashtag EVER to promote her new album: (now deleted lol)"