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Washington Post Photographer ‘Pissed’ at Syracuse University Over Ebola Snub

The Pulitzer Prize winning photographer told not to come to workshop after visiting Liberia 21 days ago

If you think the Ebola scare is only dominating cable news, think again.

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On Thursday, Syracuse University asked a Pulitzer-Prize winning photojournalist from The Washington Post not to come to a previously scheduled workshop over fear of his recent trip to Ebola-stricken Liberia.

Michel du Cille returned from Liberia 21 days ago after covering the outbreak in West Africa, and has shown no symptoms since. But the university didn’t want to take any chances, asking him not to come for a journalism program he was booked for.

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The photographer shared his displeasure with News Photographer Magazine. “I just got off the phone with the Dean [Lorraine Branham], and I am pissed off. I am disappointed in the level of journalism at Syracuse, and I am angry that they missed a great teaching opportunity. Instead they have decided to jump in with the mass hysteria.”

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Du Cille has followed the CDC guidelines after returning from Liberia, monitoring himself by taking his temperature twice a day, often times hourly.