Matt Lauer on NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman Ebola Quarantine Mess: ‘She Knows She Made a Mistake’ (Video)

Snyderman was caught breaking a voluntary Ebola quarantine, and Lauer thinks NBC handled the situation “honestly” and “transparently”

Matt Lauer thinks NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman "made a mistake" by ignoring quarantine
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“Today Show” host Matt Lauer is in sync with every American who thinks NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman should not have broken her Ebola quarantine for food from a New Jersey restaurant.

“She’s already admitted she was wrong. I know she feels like it was a mistake and regrettable, and she’s back to quarantine which is where she should be,” Lauer told TMZ on Tuesday. “I think she knows she made a mistake.”

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Snyderman, the Chief Medical Editor at NBC news, is now under a mandatory quarantine, enforced by the Princeton Police Department and the Princeton Health Department.

As TheWrap previously reported, a cameraman Snyderman was working with in Africa tested positive for the deadly virus in early October.

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Before Snyderman was spotted outside a restaurant called Peasant Grill in Hopewell, N.J., the quarantine was voluntary, which Lauer believes is appropriate depending “on the level of possible exposure.”

“As a health professional, I know that we have no symptoms and pose no risk to the public, but I am deeply sorry for the concerns this episode caused,” Snyderman said in a statement NBC released on Monday.

Lauer doubled as a network spokesman when the TMZ cameraman asked if he thought the network handled the controversy well

“I think we handled it honestly, and openly transparently. It was a mistake, and it won’t happen again,” Lauer said. “Please keep in mind that Nancy is not symptomatic, neither is anybody on her crew.”

Watch the interview with Lauer below: