Watch a Drone Fly Inside a Fireworks Show (Video)

A viral video shows a West Palm Beach man flying a robotic drone through a fireworks display

Ever wonder what it would look like to fly through the sky during a fireworks show?

A West Palm Beach man jerryrigged a camera to the top of a DJI Phantom 2 drone and flew it into the belly of a fireworks display show earlier this year.

The results are spectacular as giant flashes of light zing by the camera as an Andrea Bocelli aria plays in the background of the video.

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Jos Stiglingh’s video creation went viral on Reddit this week and continues to astound viewers — including some who claim what he did was illegal.

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“(Stiglingh) might still be subject to criminal or civil penalties,” wrote Forbes contributor Gregory McNeal. “The drone in this video made it safely through the fireworks, but put a few more drones in the air and you’re also bound to have a mid-air collision.”