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Watch Amy Schumer, LeBron James Improv in ‘Trainwreck’ Outtakes (Video)

Dick jokes abound in the newly released NSFW clip

Universal posted a compilation of “Trainwreck” outtakes to its YouTube channel on Friday, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a cast full of comedians.

The NSFW clip, titled “Trainwreck Line-o-rama,” features the movie’s cast, including Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and LeBron James, riffing and improvising their lines, which results in no shortage of dick jokes.

Nearly the first 30 seconds of the video consist of Schumer coming up with different ways to be astonished by the sight of a faceless sexual partner’s penis. “Is someone going to climb up your dick? It looks like a beanstalk,” she says in one take. “Do you have any blood in your head? How are you standing right now?” she asks in another.

Even NBA star James gets in on the action, riffing about his love of Cleveland and the underwhelming nature of tortilla soup as a lunch meal.

A particularly ripe area is the fake articles for Schumer’s character’s fictional mens’ magazine S’Nuff. The cast comes up with such thought-provoking headlines as “Is No the New Yes?” “When She Penetrates You” and “How Four-ways Are the New Three-ways.”

Watch the video.