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Harrison Ford Directs Traffic During New York Tunnel Backup

”Star Wars“ actor uses the force of his traffic-directing skills to clear a path for himself in New York

If this whole acting thing doesn’t work out for Harrison Ford, he might have a bright future as a traffic cop.

The “Star Wars” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” star showed off his traffic-directing abilities in New York over the weekend, after a tunnel backup caused his car to be blocked in. And because we live in a wonderful age where everything is captured on camera, footage of the show-stopping — but traffic-enabling — performance has made its way onto the internet.

According to TMZ, which published the video, Ford got out of his car on Sunday after a backup in the Midtown tunnel in Manhattan caused it to be caught between two other vehicles.

In the video, Ford can be heard yelling “Get out!” and “Go!” at one driver, eventually clearing a path for himself and hopping into his car.

The video also captures the reactions of onlookers, who are clearly surprised and delighted by Ford’s impromptu burst of traffic maintenance.

“It really is him?” a woman can be heard asking.

“100 percent — directing traffic, Indiana Jones,” a man replies.