Watch Hilarious ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and ‘Monsters University’ Mashup Trailer (Video)

Bask in the glorious symmetry between the Disney animation and gay Italian romance

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking Luca Guadagnino’s lush gay romance “Call Me by Your Name” is a niche experience — you can find parallels even in the most commercial films.

Take the genius who used the audio and fawning review quotes for the Armie Hammer-Timothee Chalamet drama and laid it over a mashup of footage for the Pixar sequel “Monsters University.”

The plot and pacing of the “Call Me” trailer works surprisingly well with spliced footage from the animated film — from lingering glances to a recreation of Hammer’s infamous gif-able dancing scene.  Watch above and enjoy.

Guadagnino’s film is a major awards contender this year, sweeping critics circles, the Gotham Awards and will now duke it out at the Golden Globes this January. On Tuesday, it was announced the director will next work with Jennifer Lawrence on the Tristar Pictures project “Burial Rites.”

There is no current sequel planned in Pixar’s “Monsters” universe. Might we suggest a trip the 1980s Italian countryside.