Watch Hillary Clinton Kill Caitlyn Jenner With Kindness After ‘F–king Liar’ Comment (Video)

Having trashed the presidential candidate on her E! reality show, Jenner and Clinton meet face-to-face

Sometimes campaigning for president means having to be nice to those people who just called you a “f–king liar” and a “political hack” on national television.

Hillary Clinton was all smiles as she finally met Caitlyn Jenner at the Nov. 14 Des Moines Democratic debate, as revealed in a new clip from E!’s “I Am Cait” reality show.

No one would have blamed the former secretary of state had she thrown some shade Jenner’s way. But if Clinton was remotely upset by the reality star’s comments, she did a good job hiding it (of course, it’s also possible that Clinton may not have heard, being busy running for president and all).

“We’re on the road dealing with trans issues across America,” Jenner tells Clinton as she introduces her posse.

“I have to tell you, what’s happening around the world deserves your attention,” Clinton says back. “Anything you can do to help.”

Clinton wrapped up the impromptu on-camera meeting with even more kindness, telling Jenner and her costars to “have a great time and do great work.”

Jenner has been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism from both fellow cast-mates and members of her own community after she criticized Clinton while heaping praise on Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Last week, co-star Candis Cayne told TheWrap, “We were frustrated because Caitlyn is so new at this that she doesn’t realize the impact that these right-wing conservatives have towards the LGBT community.”

But Cayne insisted that Jenner, with all her faults, was doing a lot of good for the community.

“Is she the perfect spokesperson? No. But who is?” Cayne said.