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Watch Jon Hamm Rap Over the ‘Taxi’ Theme (Video)

Bonus: A Souls of Mischief song you might like

Proof that Jon Hamm is nothing like Don Draper: While Draper proved himself not cool enough to appreciate the Beatles on Sunday's "Mad Men," Hamm is a hip enough cat to do a rappy-spoken word thing over the theme from "Taxi," in a collaboration with musician-comedian Reggie Watts.

The two made music together for the upcoming IFC series "Comedy Bang! Bang!," which will premiere June 8. Hamm's voice sounds cool and his Reverend Jim imitation is great.

Interestingly (or not, wouldn't want to make up your mind for you), this sort of thing has been done before. Oakland-based hip-hop group Souls of Mischief also used the "Taxi" theme — actually called "Angela," by Bob James — for a tune called "Cab Fare."

Watch the Hamm-Watts collaboration, followed by the Souls song, below, if you want.


"Cab Fare":