Watch ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ Creator Dan Taberski’s Film About the First Gay Country Album (Video)

Before “Missing Richard Simmons,” Taberski made the short film “These C—sucking Tears”

Last Updated: March 21, 2017 @ 11:16 AM

“Missing Richard Simmons,” one of the country’s most obsessed-over podcasts, has come to an end after weeks of debate and mixed reviews. But there’s no denying the charms of podcast creator Dan Taberski’s previous project: a film about gay country music artist Patrick Haggerty called “These C—sucking Tears.”

The film — a finalist in TheWrap’s 2016 ShortList Film Festival — took its title from the name of a song on Haggerty’s 1973 album, “Lavender Country.” The independently produced record is known as the the first openly gay country music album.

“Lavender Country” was a daring push back against sexual repression at a time when few people were out — especially in the conservative culture of country music. Haggerty sold copies for $3 each, and distributed them quietly by mail.

In an interview with TheWrap, Taberski likened Haggerty to one of the African-American soldiers in the 1989 film “Glory” who took on a deadly mission in the Civil War, knowing their deaths would further the cause.

“To me it feels like a Civil War movie, like Denzel Washington in ‘Glory,'” Taberski told TheWrap. “The infantry is running to the front line and you’re like, ‘Why do you want to be in front? You’re going to get nailed!’ That’s [Haggerty]. It’s a recklessness that is so brave it demands your attention.”

“Missing Richard Simmons” has been criticized by Simmons’ manager and others for focusing attention on the fitness icon as he’s trying to enjoy life privately.

But if you like the podcast because you admire Simmons’ sense of humor and courageous spirit, you’ll find the same qualities in Haggerty. You can watch “These C—sucking Tears” in its entirety above.