Watch Natalie Portman Take That Fateful Ride as the Former First Lady in ‘Jackie’ Trailer (Video)

Her star turn as Jackie Kennedy is already receiving Oscar buzz

Oscar winner Natalie Portman may add to her hardware next year, as her starring role as Jackie Kennedy in Fox Searchlight’s “Jackie” was a festival favorite that’s already winning rave reviews.

In the first half of the movie’s first trailer, released Wednesday, Portman’s Kennedy attempts to normalize life in the White House with a birthday cake for son Jack and appears deeply uncomfortable during a formal dinner and when a camera operator urges her to smile.

A female voice comes in to say “don’t let it be forgot, that for one brief, shining moment, there was a Camelot.”

The trailer then takes a darker turn, showing Kennedy sprawling on the trunk of the convertible and washing her assassinated husband’s blood off of her in the shower following that fateful car ride in Dallas. She then stares ahead, the gravity of the scene reflected in her 100-mile-stare, as she sits next to John F. Kennedy’s casket on his final Air Force One ride, still wearing the pink suit she had on when the president was shot.

“Jackie” was directed by Pablo Larrain and also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig, Billy Crudup and John Hurt. It was produced by Juan de Dios Larrain, Darren Aronofsky, Mickey Liddell, Scott Franklin and Ari Handel.

The film will open in a limited release on Dec. 2.