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Watch North Koreans Weep Uncontrollably Over Kim Jong-Il’s Death (Video)

Did North Koreans really, really, really love Kim Jong-Il?

For a sense of how very different it is to live in the United States and North Korea, take a few moments to watch video of apparently shattered North Koreans mourning the death of their dictator.

The footage suggest a country where either 1. people truly, unreservedly love their leader — something that doesn't happen here — or 2. people are so afraid of their government that they put on an insanely over-the-top show of loving their leader.

It's worth noting that Kim Jong-Il's presumed successor is his son — and that the people here are being filmed, in a very public place.

We're not saying this is fake, exactly. But we didn't even cry like this when Harry Morgan died.

Thanks to Gawker for posting the video earlier.