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Here’s a Puppy Cam to Watch Instead of the Trump Inauguration (Livestream)

Watch America go to the dogs in a different way than everyone else

Not up for watching Donald Trump’s inauguration? Maybe you’d prefer to zen out with a nice Puppy Cam.

While Trump begins a new era in American history, Animal Planet’s ever-reliable Puppy Cam features some frolicking canines inaugurating new chew toys, wrestling on blankets, and generally being adorable.

We don’t actually know much about the puppies on the Puppy Cam, including how they would have voted, but we can pretty much guarantee that Buster, Pippin and Scraps (we named them) are totally cool with whomever you voted for, and like you for you.

Unlike commentators on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, none of the puppies will furrow their brows to note concern on Capitol Hill about Trump’s cabinet appointments, or plan for replacing Obamacare, or position on Syria. Well, maybe Pippin, but he’s all bark and no bite.

They also won’t pontificate endlessly about whether it will rain during the swearing-in or blah blah blah.

We can also pretty much guarantee no canine discussion whatsoever about the emoluments clause or how we know for sure that the new president won’t talk to his kids about the potential business conflicts of interest they’re now on the honor system to protect.

Ugh, why are we even talking about this? PUPPIES.