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Watch Somber Super Bowl ‘Logan’ Trailer as Mutants Fight to Survive (Video)

”Logan“ teaser has a few tidbits of new footage showing Professor Charles Xavier in trouble

A quick teaser trailer for “Logan” shown during Super Bowl LI suggests X-Men leader Professor Charles Xavier (Sir Patrick Stewart) is in some trouble.

His day is already going badly, as he and Logan (Hugh Jackman) — otherwise known by his mutant name, The Wolverine — run for their lives from armed goons that want to kill them because they’re helping another young mutant (Dafne Keen) with similar powers to Logan. The goons seem to be willing to do anything to get her back.

Most of the footage in the new teaser has already been seen in the previous trailer, but it seems Professor X is suffering from some kind of seizure in this new one. He was already looking very weak and sick, so Logan will have more to worry about than just a dangerous kid with serious claws.

Unlike the lengthier trailer, the Super Bowl spot takes a somber tone set to “Amazing Grace.” Central to the story is Logan battling with his desire to go into hiding and avoid conflict with his instincts to help young Laura Kinney, also known as X-23. Although, as the teaser shows, Laura doesn’t necessarily need much help. She’s certainly ready to rip apart any of the bad guys who get in her way with her own set of Wolverine-style claws.

Logan, on the other hand, is struggling with several movies’ worth of loss and emotional baggage that look like they’re taking their toll. The teaser shows him taking on a dad role with Laura, but whether he’ll be able to handle being responsible for a kid is another matter.

“Logan” hits theaters on March 3.